Playables - Beginnings - Frith
Playables - Beginnings - Frith

 Jane was a nanny to the King’s children and enjoyed living comfortably in her own household. She has a younger brother Oliver, who was a farmer, and often cringed at how hard he worked just to struggle again. She loved looking after the kids but ached for a family of her own. As the years passed she began to give up hope, entering her 30’s.

 She caught the attention of a much younger boy with nothing to his name but dreamed of the day he’d aquire property. He bought land but she told him she wouldn’t come and marry him until he had quarters for her. She was smart not to give up her position on a whim as he died before he could even build a bedroom.

    Then she met William. She was already 32 but was smitten with him. They fell in love - he had a small farm and she accepted his proposal. She moved in with him giving up her position as governess and helping keep the small farm tame dreaming of having a child. She became pregnant with some difficulty but shone throughout the gestation. Nine months later the baby came out the cord wrapped around his neck, they buried little William that same day.

    She was feeling hopeless and lost, now sure she’d be unable to ever have children and here she was miserable on a farm. Shortly after William II’s death they were robbed blind and left with even less to rely on. Jane was even considering adoption and still begged her husband to make a cradle for their non existant child.

 By mere miracle she became pregnant again, birthing a healthy son she named Jesse at the end of her fertile periods. Shortly after his birth they were blessed with the interest of a fisherman who bought produce aplenty. Jane found herself smiling again.

Again sorry for the lack of pictures, this is just a history so I haven’t taken any gameplay pictures just yet.

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